Coaching on a one-to-one basis works!

Speaking for Success 121 Coaching – It has been proven that individuals who have good communication skills are more productive and more effective than those who do not. These individuals command the respect we all aspire to have and this is because of their level of confidence and how they exude it in all they deliver.

The Speaking for Success 121 Coaching will build and deliver:

  • C onfidence improvement
  • O pportunities to attract main keynote agenda positions
  • A chievement with effective presentations
  • C reation and development of your specific style
  • H igh impact exceeding your audiences’ expectations

121 Coaching takes you to the next level – Are you ready to start?

  • Individuals who benefit from 121 coaching include:
  1. Sales teams
  2. Senior Executives
  3. Business Leaders
  4. New Managers
  5. Conference presenters
  6. Entrepreneurs
  7. Sports figures

What would we do without technology?

Today’s world of smart phones, the Internet and Wi-Fi dictates the way we live our lives. It has changed drastically from even just 5 years ago – we are definitely the world of ‘now’.  Never having to wait for anything very long. World Leaders bring us news automatically with the use of Twitter.  Fake news is scattered quickly through Facebook and other social media avenues.  And finding out what’s trending


20th Dec 2017

Lessons Learned by Leading Ladies

Leadership Lessons Learned by Leading Ladies Lessons Learned by Leading Ladies It was a great pleasure to be invited to deliver to District 79, Saudi Arabia a joint webinar with Vicky Ferrer Mustafa on Lessons Learned. Whenever we do anything, in true Toastmasters style, it’s fantastic to receive feedback. Please have a read of a great email from Bilquis Ahmed after hearing the webinar. “What an inspiration to listen to two dynamic speakers


22nd Dec 2015

Teresa Dukes In the Fishbowl

Teresa Dukes speaks ‘In The Fishbowl’ with Sue Fish, Toastmasters International. A glimpse into what it’s like being on the Board of Directors for Toastmasters International. Teresa says “Being elected is a huge compliment to anyone campaigning for office, whether it is in your local community or national politics.  Having gone through the campaign race twice it was still a challenging goal to getting elected.  Members and constituents need to be assured


11th Dec 2015
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